Welcome to my little corner of the institution.
The result of too much nuclear bomb testing
A little strange and a lot weird. Welcome to my home, if you could call it that.

Life as a paranormal
I can't stay put and like to move around. My spaceship of imagination provides plenty of transportation for me to other worlds. "What a weirdo" I know you are thinking, but as some say on this planet: "Normal is Boring"

Gears that turn this crazy mind
I have a keen interest in the unusual and out-of-ordinary. I love all forms of art, with music and poetry as my favorites. I also like to draw. My skills aren't that of a professional, but I have been know to put out a few good pieces of art. I love natural things; meaning things that aren't materialistic. I like to take walks outside, I like to listen to the sounds of nature. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a nature freak; in fact I hunt as well. There are so many things I like, but not nearly enough room to write it.
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Great place for aliens and humans alike!

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The Ultimate Band List
The best place to find links on ANY band out on the web.

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